EMF Radiation protection

How to Stay Safe from ElectroMagnetic Technologies in Todays World

With the ever growing use of technology in our day and age, we are constantly being exposed to electromagnetic fields (or radiation) that can pose some serious risks to our health.

Many studies show that prolongs exposure to EMF radiation can lead to issue such as infertile and cancer.

EMF radiation can also cause disrupt other body functions such as hormones, our immune system, sleep cycles, stress levels, and more.

This can seem worrisome because we use technology every single day from our cell phones to our computer and laptops.

We have wires over head, cell phone towers all around us, routers, and more surrounding us every single day.

But rest assured, there are some ways that you can protect yourself every single day!

In this article we are going to share some ways that you can protect yourself and lessen the effects of the EMF radiation that is all around us.

Here are the Best Ways to Stay Safe from ElectroMagnetic Technologies in Todays World:

EMF Smart Shield on Home Power

Smart Meter Cover - How to Stay Safe from ElectroMagnetic Technologies in Todays World

Almost every home has a Smart Meter located somewhere near the home.

A Smart Meter is an electronic device that records electric energy and communicates the information to the electricity supplier for monitoring and billing.

These meters emit pretty high levels of EMF radiation and to protect homeowners from that, these awesome covers were invented.

When installed properly they block 98% of EMF radiation!

Installing this on your Smart Meter is the first step in protecting your home.

Smart Meter Guards can be purchased via Amazon.

WiFi Guards on Routers

Router Guard - How to Stay Safe from ElectroMagnetic Technologies in Todays World

WiFi allows us to have access to the internet on our computers, laptops and phones. It also allows us to watch television with smart tv devices.

Smart Meter Guard developed a product called the “Router Guard” that works as a case around your Wifi Router to block EMF Radiation.

Also found via Amazon, the Router Guard effectively block 98% of radiation from your Wifi Router without disrupting the quality of wifi.

Cages like this work by using a mesh that has spaces which is smaller than the smallest form of wavelength coming from the device.

This prevents electromagnetic radiation from escaping entirely.

EMF Jewelry

EMF Radiation Jewelry - How to Stay Safe from ElectroMagnetic Technologies in Todays World

EMF Jewelry is a simple way that you can reduce your EMF radiation exposure just by wearing something on your body.

Many EMF Jewelry pieces just look like ordinary pieces of jewelry, so no one would even know!

Style Within Reach has some good examples of EMF Protection Jewelry.

Rocks and stones such as Shungite, Tourmaline, and Orgonite are worn as necklaces or bracelets and are said to help protect our bodies from absorbing EMF radiation.

Stay away from High Voltage power lines

high voltage power lines - How to Stay Safe from ElectroMagnetic Technologies in Todays World

This can be hard if you already live near high voltage power lines.

If this is the case and you are concerned and have the possibility to move, that would be a recommendation.

If that is not possible, you can paint the inside and outside of your home with EMF radiation paint.

If you are looking to buy a home, pay attention to the power lines in the areas you are looking to buy.

Try to choose areas that are further away from High Voltage Power lines.

Also, when you are outside, pay attention to your surroundings.

Stay away from parks or outdoor areas where you are closet to these power lines.

These simple steps taken every day can help decrease your exposure to EMF radiation and reduce the risk of symptoms or issues that result from being exposed.

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